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Thread: APT wrist wraps 24" vs 36" advantages

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    APT wrist wraps 24" vs 36" advantages

    Hi Guys

    APT wrist wraps 24" vs 36"....... advantages ?

    Yes the 36" wrist wraps gives more support,

    1) But why do people prefer 24" over 36" wrist wraps ?...... is it just the 24" wraps faster than the 36"

    or the 36 wraps are too cast like or too tight, or are used ONLY for heavy lifts.

    2) Is it a whole lot easier to use 24" wrist wraps over 36" when doing medium or light lifts.

    I am new to wrist wraps, normally used boxing wraps when doing exercises, I dont compete,

    I train just to be strong and fit,

    I dont live in the US so getting new APT wrist wraps will be more difficult.

    Only have one wrist wrap --- 36" ZRV-pro, It seems like its too stiff and hard when wrap all way around, but if you angle it a little, going toward the arm, its softer.

    And the ZRV-Pro is tight, not in a good way, feels like a Boa Constrictor is strangulating my arm, ouch !!! LOL

    thanks for the replies.
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    I bought the 36" ZRV-Pro over the 24" ZRV-pro because I then thought that the Longer Wrap would be more Versatile --- Light, Middle, Heavy, Superheavy, - It said so on the APT Website.

    Never would I knew that when you Crank the ZRV-Pro 36" to get a Stiff, Cast Like Wrap, that it would get Pretty Constricted (Like a Boa Constrictor on the wrist - Just an Analogy ) and a Bit Painfull on the Wrist,

    Is it suppose to be like this.

    Sorry I am a Wrist Wrap Newbie
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    I've been through four different 24" wrist wraps. My partners use 36" wraps but there bench is in the 500-600 range. The 24" wrist wraps work fine for me but I'm only benching the 400 range. I would think as the weight gets heavier, you'll need the best amount of support. I used their (36") wraps few times and its a lot of work wrapping and you if try wearing them loose in some areas, it defeats the purpose and the entire wrap wont feel supportive as its one 'elastic band'. Imagine a rubber band giving less tension in some areas...not gonna happen.

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    24s are probably going to be fine for most people if the wrap is decent, but for the extra dollar or whatever it is, you may as well get 36s.

    Ive broken both of my wrists in the past (not from benching) and find the support of the 36inch wraps helpful. I use strangulator/convict hybrids which are very good. It takes about 5 seconds to wrap them so its not a big deal.
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    I use 24" when I bench raw or speed work. Once the shirt goes on I use the 36"... Cant beat the support they give w/ heavy weight. APT convicts for me!

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