I'm currently 201 lbs. My goal is to be 215 by the end of the year (probably a bit too ambitious, but I'm swinging for the fence).

So going through the nutrition side of it, with my goal of 215 lbs, that means my target macros are
Carbs - 298g
Protein - 322g
Fat - 107g

Total cal = 3,450

So, at the end of the day today, I've been dead on for both carbs & protein. But I found I was about 50g short on fat. Which I thought was cool at first, until I realized I was 450 cal short for the day.

I'm not going to go spooning lard into my mouth to consume pure fat, so it put me in a spot where I had to go over on carbs to hit total calories (I chose ice cream). My question is: Is hitting total calories a higher priority than perfectly hitting the macros for the day?