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Thread: Meet Results

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    Meet Results

    So this was an eventful meet experience, no doubt. The weigh-ins were 5-6PM on Friday night, lifting was Saturday. I started my fast (no water/food) 4:30 on Thursday, weighing 154 on my scale at home (which was 3.5lbs lighter than the meet scale). I had a piece of toast with almond butter Friday morning but that was it. At 2PM on Friday I was 148 on my home scale, but decided to cut a few lbs of water with the sauna at a local gym to make sure. I was 151.5 on the gym scale (it matched the meet scale). So over the course of 2 hrs I was in and out of the sauna to hit weight. I got to the weigh-ins at 5:57 and weighed 148.75 on the dot. I was able to get back up all the way to 157.5 before the end of the night, but it wasnt comfortable at all.

    Squats didn't go the greatest. I smoked 345 for my opener, hit 385 on the second with not too much strain (my previous PR), and missed 430 out of the hole on the 3rd. I probably overshot what I was capable of, but there is always next meet.

    345 -
    385 - dad messed up getting video
    430 -

    Benching went good by my opinion, but the head judge disagreed. I hit 175 easy for my opener. I took 215 for my second, stalled half way up, kept pushing and I got past it and the judge said to take it. He said I went down, which was questionable on the 2nd. Same thing happened for the 3rd, but he said take it after I had locked it out. He did it to the guy after me too. Ill consider the 215 my PR and will base my weights off of that.

    175 -
    215 - dad missed the 2nd
    215 - Ive played this slowed down a few times, the bar stalls and moves back a little but then goes up. Bad call, but it happens.

    Deadlifting went perfect and I hit my goal. Opened with 315, went fast. Hit my goal of 355 on the 2nd. It looks fast but it was a strain. 375 was a 3rd and it didnt come off the floor; just to heavy and I was shot. Bruised the top of my knees bad on the way down on one of those attempts...o well.

    315 -
    355 -
    375 -

    915 @ 148 officially, 955 with the 215 bench factored in to measure progress off of. Not the greatest meet, by not the worst either. It was very well run, the warm-up area was great, the spotters saved my ass on the squat, and all the lifters were great guys.
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    Good job. Next time go for 5lb prs on all second attempts. That way you won't repeat a old pr and leave too much weight on the platform. If I were you I would use 215 as well for your percents. Strength is there. Again congrats
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    Thanks Scott, thats good advice. Im pretty sure Im going to do the WNPF Worlds on Nov 5th in Atlantic City next. That is going to be a tough cut
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    Good effort mate tough luck on the bench call.

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    good meet!
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    Good meet! Good results and learned some things! I've lost count of how many meets I've done and it seems I learn something about my lifting or about myself at everyone! That's what keeps it new and exciting!
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    wow, you touch low for raw benching! i wish i could do that

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    Nice job.

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    Nice write-up! Congratulations on the meet.

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    Great job Eddie, I know it's not quite what you wanted but definitely something you can build on.
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    Thanks for all the comments guys; Im ready to start training again for the worlds!
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