First of all, I'm a newbie. I'm not someone who has worked out for years. Last year over the summer I followed Starting Strength and put on 25lb in 12 weeks (I started out underweight, obviously). I won't make excuses for why I stopped when I got back to school after the summer (senior year of college) because they would be just that: excuses.

Anyway, now I've moved to a new city and have settled in and want to start working out again. My apartment has a fitness center which I would like to use for the convenience. It appears as though there isn't a good gym close by, so I would have to rely on a bus to get to a gym, and I don't think I'm willing to put that much travel time in just to get to the gym.

The problem is that the fitness center doesn't have much (for whatever reason, not a single apartment complex I looked at had a barbell...). The equipment I have to work with is the Magnum MST500 Multi-Gym ( ) and a set of dumbbells up to 50lb (with a bench). As I said before, my only workout experience prior to now is Starting Strength, so I do not know any exercises OTHER than ones that involve a barbell, so I'm 100% new to this equipment right now. I read a lot before doing Starting Strength about how machines aren't suited for beginners, so I'm guessing I should be using the dumbbells mostly, but I don't know any exercises.

Is there any way I can put together a decent beginner routine with just the MST500 and the set of dumbbells?