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Thread: NEW ARTICLE - One of CrossFit’s finest - An Interview with Chris Spealler

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    NEW ARTICLE - One of CrossFit’s finest - An Interview with Chris Spealler

    CrossFit is fast becoming a household name and is the training style of choice for many police departments, military personnel and just about anyone who wants to be in the best shape of their lives.

    Chris Spealler is one of CrossFit’s finest and is a top competitor in the annual CrossFit Games with three top 10 finishes to his credit (to include 3rd at the 2010 Games!).

    We get personal with Chris Spealler and delve deeper into the phenomenon that is CrossFit.

    READ HERE - One of CrossFit’s finest - An Interview with Chris Spealler

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    I enjoyed the article. I saw some of the videos of Chris' performance at the games and was incredibly impressed. The guy is a tremendous athlete and shows that people can essentially be really strong as well as move well with bodyweight stuff.

    More articles on GPP and crossfit style workouts would be very cool to see in the future.
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    LOVE IT! It's about time we had a CrossFit articles here, especially since AtLarge was just involved with the games. I'm getting my Level 1 cert this weekend, which should be wonderful. I can't imagine training any other way.
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    You should have asked how the hell he can run with that headset on? Is he taking tech support calls on that thing?

    Kidding aside it was a good read. Sparked some interest for sure.

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    awesome! Spealler is a role model for me since hes a smaller guy listed at I think 5'5" 138 and so its inspiring to see him lifting the same in competition as the guys 60 pounds heavier

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