Hi, this is my first post.
For the last few months I've been trying to increase muscle mass mainly in my upper body, but not succeding very well... I would say i'm deffo a hard gainer. I suffered from stress couple of years back and lost 3 stone in 3 months, then gradually put the weight back on. However after I became ill I started working from home and still currently do, this has had a big effect on my metabolism as i'm sitting at my desk pretty much all day. Because my metabolism is very slow I put on weight around my chest and belly VERY easily. So trying to bulk up was worrying for me as I dont want to get FAT. I understand you have to pile on the pounds to bulk, but i'm not interested in becoming a 'body builder' as such just want to increase chest and arms to be honest.

My current stats are;
height - 6ft
weight - 83 kilograms (182.983678 pounds)
arms - 14 inches
chest - 42 inches
waist - 37 inches

This is my typical diet:

Bowl of fruit 'n' fibre with semi skimmed milk and a banana

2 poached eggs on wholemeal toast

*** on workout days ***
35 grams of Sci-MX ULTRAGEN WHEY PROTEIN - before workout
35 grams of Sci-MX ULTRAGEN WHEY PROTEIN - after workout
Can of tuna and some salad
(on rest days - 35 grams of Sci-MX ULTRAGEN WHEY PROTEIN)

handful of mixed un-salted nuts
2 slices of cooked chicken breast or a carrot
(on rest days - 35 grams of Sci-MX ULTRAGEN WHEY PROTEIN)

Early Evening (7pm)
Chicken Breast, veg and brown rice or chicken stir fry with brown rice

Cup of tea and biscuit (yeah yeah i know...)

My training programme has been that on the Scoobysworkshop website http://www.scoobysworkshop.com/schedintermediate.htm

Have been following this for nearly 4 months (was lifting before then, but not properly as I found out!)

I've definately increased strength and have toned, but i'm not seeing any results in my arms they just dont seem to be growing!!!!!!!!

I have just started taking Sci-MX GRS-5 PROTEIN SYSTEM instead and it does say 2-3 doses maximum a day, as I was on 4 of the previous protein i'm not sure whether to cut back or ignore the message on the tub... Does anyone else take this protein? It does contain more calories, carbs and fat than my previous one... but I dunno what else to try, so many forums say different things, I just hoe someone can give me the answer...