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Thread: 2nd time trying a suit and got 240kg deadlift :P

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    2nd time trying a suit and got 240kg deadlift :P

    Hey People

    I cant believe I did this, this suit has so much tension at the bottom that, I could hardly get down to grab bar let alone straighten my back, and see how it accelerated up past my knee, it was so easy there lol, god it pinched my groin fat so bad that i couldn't even lean back, so i stuck a cloth there and it was all good

    See how it did slow down that's cause it felt easy so i let up on the pressure for some reason then bam it was hard, if i kept up the pressure it may have went up fast, well ill try a suit again in a few weeks, then we we see, im gonna try 250kgs next time

    Tell me what you think, I know its not an awesome smooth lift but it felt great


    Thanks Cya
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    wow man thats awesome great work dude at that bodyweight!
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    Great pull for your weight, man! That looked solid. It should be hard to get down to the bar, lol. I'm sure now you can understand the importance of pulling with maximum speed, eh?
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