Finally getting around to starting up a proper journal, because just remembering from workout to workout isn't cutting it any more. Plus, there's way more room for advice, encouragement, and such things if I actually post up my workouts!

Anyways, after taking time off due to inconsistency, left-over knee problems from basketball season, and a lack of transportation, I'm back in the gym this summer. Let me tell you, I missed it!

I figure I should outline my goals, and update them as this journal grows, so here goes:
I'm currently hovering around 185lbs at 6'1", with no idea what my BF% is, but I'd estimate it at around 12-14%
I'm using Starting Strength at this point in time, and the lifts from my last Big Three workout were:
Squat: 235lbs 3x5
Bench: 165lbs 2x5/1x4
Deadlift: 240lbs 1x5
I'd like to get up to at least 210lbs at 10%BF or less
Squat: 315 for reps
Bench: 225 for 5
and Deadlift: at least 360 by 5
As for a deadline, it'd be great to get all of them before I graduate from high school, but if things go better than expected, before I turn 18 (January 4th).

That's all for now. My next workout is tomorrow, and with that, the first proper entry in this journal.