Back Under the Bar: Squat Day

Can't speak on the rest of the program, but it's feeling like the Squat day is pretty well laid out for my goals. Feels awesome to be seeing form or strength improvements every workout, again.

135lbs x10
155lbs x6
185lbs 3x5
135lbs x10

Barbell Alternating Lunges:
Bar 2x12

Good Mornings:
90lbs 3x8

Calf Raises:
100lbs 2x20

(Pull-up Work)
*Skipped Negative chins because of a shoulder issue, should be cleared up sooner rather than later*

Barbell Rows:
70lbs x10
105lbs x8
115lbs x6
95lbs x12

Wide Grip Pulldowns:
70lbs x12
90lbs x10
110lbs x8