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Thread: Finally Re-Joined The Gym.....Can't Wait

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    Finally Re-Joined The Gym.....Can't Wait


    Hows it going guys im new to this forum. I've always had a little look around here but never joined up until now. I joined the gym for the first time about 2 and a half years ago. Im 5'11 and when i first started going gym i weighed about 130lbs. After just over a year of training i got up to about 160lbs and i was quite lean, i know 160lbs isn't exactly big but compared to my old self i looked huge. Then last year i went to university and between the lack of money for a gym membership and the huge amounts of drinking and unhealthy/lack of eating i soon started loosing muscle and weight and i weigh about 147lbs now. When i was lifting my best was 95kg bench 135kg deadlift and 110kg squat. I had a go the other day on my friends bench and i could work up to about 60kg and do a few sets which made me decide its time to get back in the gym. I remember how happy i was when i could go from the 20kg plates to the 25kg plates....

    Ive had a look at the HCT routine and was wondering if this is a good routine for me to get back into? It was suggested to me by a gym instructor at my new gym that i should spend the first week or so on machines just to ease my muscles back into it...what you think of this? b'coz i was thinking of just jumping into free weights but taking it at about 60-70% for the first week....Im hoping that i will find it a little easier to put on muscle this time around as i have good form now so wont waste time getting that right and i know little things that work well for me. But im just excited that im going to be able to start getting bigger again...

    My aim is to reach 180lbs by this time next year, without looking

    Thanks for reading guys...get back at me


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    Eat big and train hard youll get it!

    Im eating like an ANIMAL training like a hell raiser and hoping to be as big as possible...
    I just want the girls to say WOW!

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    It was suggested to me by a gym instructor at my new gym that i should spend the first week or so on machines just to ease my muscles back into it...what you think of this?
    A waste of time. It would be a good idea to start light to develop your technique but you can start using free weights.

    My aim is to reach 180lbs by this time next year, without looking

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    Don't waste time on machines, get into free weights right away.

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    You have 30lbs to gain and a year to gain it in. Realistically you can gain 2lbs a week. bulk bulk bulk. eat eat eat. train train train. You can get to your target in 3-4 months. You then have plenty of time to shoot through it and if you still feel you want to, you can cut to 180lbs, more likely you will prefer being 200lbs and will want to get bigger.

    Goals have a habit of filling the time given to them. if you give yourself a year to gain 30lbs chances are you wont. give yourself 4 months. Then you are motivated and you have a target. Even better, gain 10lbs in the next month. Something nice and short to get you going. In terms of the program it really doesnt matter. Squat one day, do deadlifts and back another day and do bench press and the rest of 'push' with them. Choose one main exercise for each big muscle group preferably with an olympic bar then choose a couple of accessories. For reps go for 6-8 and for sets do a couple of warm ups and 3-5 sets.

    day1 - squats, romanian deadlifts, lunges, leg curls, leg extensions. When you feel up for it substitute the machines for front squats and glute ham raises.

    day2 - bench press, overhead press (standing), dips, incline dumbbell press, lateral raises or high pulls

    day3 - deadlifts, bent over row, chins, dumbbell row, lat pulldowns.

    This is only very rough, dont take my word for it. Then if you are not gaining steadily eat more. Its really as simple as that.

    Dont worry about looking fat, you can sort that out afterwards.

    the project

    p.s. check my 10 rules for getting big, they are a bit tongue in cheek but they basically summarise what ive said above :P
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    I thought bf% was big factor??? I was aiming high.

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