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    HJP's Strength Journey

    Hey All,

    First training log! Will try to keep up to date regularly. Just started training towards what I hope to be my first powerlifting comp on Nov 21.

    I am based in NZ and am about 81 kilos (178lbs) & 173cm (5'8).

    Current training has been a day for each of the three lifts (2 for last few weeks on squat and bench, but stopping now) and a day on shoulders also. SO aiming for 4 training days a week

    Looking forward to keeping you up to date!
    My aims for the comp are 230kg Dead, 200kg Squat & 130kg Bench.

    Currently at 210kg Dead, unsure on Squat (maybe 170) and bench 115kg.

    Post again soon!!
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