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Thread: List of Pro Athlete Journals

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    List of Pro Athlete Journals

    We have many accomplished athletes on the forums and this thread is a place to collate all of the WBB officially recognised Pro Journals.

    When you browse the Members Journals forum, you will notice that Pro Journals all have the prefix - Pro Journal.

    All of our accomplished athletes are very approachable, so feel free to jump in and follow how they are doing. Don't be afraid to ask them questions!

    Pro Journals

    Shane Church Westside Barbell Log - Shane Church

    John Ewing's Training Log - John Ewing

    Smitty's 800 Bench Block Training - Chris Smith

    Ben Brand's Training Log - Ben Brand

    Eric Lilliebridge Training Log - by Eric Lilliebridge

    Adrian Larsen's Training Log - Adrian Larsen

    Vincent Dizenzo's Training Log - by vdizenzo

    Scott Yards Training Journal- by Scott Yard

    Travis Mash's Comeback! - by Travis Mash

    Treston Shull of Team SuperTraining - Treston Shull

    Ryan Celli Training Journal- by Ryan Celli

    Ben's Competition Journal - by Ben Brizendine

    275er's Powerlifting Journal - by Dave Schwab

    Tom Mutaffis Strongman Training - by Tom Mutaffis

    Westside Bencher - by Travis Bell

    Brian Hoppers Training Log - by Brian Hopper

    Treston Shull of Team Super Training Looking for 2400 - by Treston Shull

    Industrial Strength Log - by Mike Strom

    Scott Rowe's Training Log - by Scott Rowe

    King Kong Road into Gear - by kingkong51

    Barbaccio's Journal - by Tone Barbaccio

    CR's Powerlifting Journal- by Chris Rodgers

    Mastermonster's Quest for the Records - by MasterMonster


    Do you have a journal you think should be included here? PM any moderator and they can add in a link to the journal thread.

    ***PLEASE quote the URL of the journal thread you'd like added so we don't have to search for it. ***

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