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Thread: Tall guy + skinny legs = help!

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    Tall guy + skinny legs = help!


    I am confident this is probably a common question but I didn't see it posted recently so I thought I would ask.

    I am 28, i'm 6'1 and I am mostly legs. My legs are skinny.

    I was never a runner or jumper or any other form of athlete.

    I have recently joined a gym to try and fix this but legs are throwing me.

    Here are my concerns and forgive the newbie pussy-boy shiz...

    I am uncomfortable with squats because I don't know what the hell to do and I am convinced my knees will snap. I have seen a couple machines that help control the squat but everyone online seems to violently hate them.

    There are several machines at my gym (YMCA) including one where you are at an angle with pads on your shoulders and you bend down and stand up (leaves odd scratch/bruise marks on your shoulders), one where you lay on your back and push a plate up at an angle and one where you are sitting up straight and push a plate forward and up.

    They work well but I am a little confused. 1) I seem to be able to use the last machine mentioned (sit up and push forward) with 270 pounds which is just tough enough for me to notice. (6 - 45 plates). Now. I dont know if this is normal for starting out or not but I am very sure that putting 3 - 45 plates on each side of a bar and attempting to pick it up on my shoulders will lead to very a funny public death.

    The standing angled squatt I can do 180 pounds with 4 - 45 plates.

    when I do both I can feel it and I can do 3 or 4 sets of 8-12 and my legs are fairly sore...but its not like when I do shoulder presses and feel like i cant lift my arms for 3 days.

    So I need to do more...but I am doing like 4 sets on each machine and I am not sure what else to do.

    This isnt exactly a whiny "I dont know what to do - save me big muscle guys" cry for help...more of an advice thing.

    In the past I focused mostly on trying to fill out my arms and chest. Now I am being serious about my whole body but workout books translate oddly into reality...especially with legs.

    I was wondering how far you go before you overtrain your legs in one heavy you should go and if you will hurt your knees if you go heavier.

    also half my workout is my legs and then my hour is almost up and you cant train for more than an hour. I'm very confused on this whol etime management thing with moving plates around and doing lots of sets.

    anyways legs are different. If I pick up a barbell that is too heavy I can set it down. If I put something too heavy on my shoulders and bend down I might die.

    so I am not looking for a quick fix...I just want to grow my legs and I dont feel like I am using my leg muscle nearly as much since they seem to be stronger than I assumed they would be.

    I am not a big growly man with years of athletic experience. I am not a super pussy either but I do know my limits. I am just trying to better my body and look good naked. Also i'd like to not have to ask my friend to help me pick things up like couches.

    now big muscly may proceed to rescue me.
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