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Thread: Grip session. Fat grip rack pulls, 130kg (287lbs) one arm deadlift, farmers walk etc

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    Grip session. Fat grip rack pulls, 130kg (287lbs) one arm deadlift, farmers walk etc

    Sorry to be spamming with all my videos but i promise i'll calm down at some point. As usual, the full article is here: Grip session on my blog.

    There is some swearing in the videos but generally just 'normal gym banter' as you do, 'F' that hurts etc.

    And for your benefit:

    That is just my single arm deadlift. The weight goes all over the place but most importantly it goes up. I reckon i've got 140kg (309lbs) in the bag. That was the 2nd time in my life i've used hook grip so once im used to it i'll be posting some bigger lifts. Also balance, just need to centre my hand better i suppose.

    The full workout, with banter:

    I'm training with gaz from

    We also hi jacked the music and they are playing manowar, rammstein and other death/heavy metal. Can't complain.


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    I thought bf% was big factor??? I was aiming high.

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    Loving the one armed deadlift. I remember I tried that once with a hook grip and about 455. It went up, but I pulled my thumbnail out of the bed. Painful.

    Good stuff mate!
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