Thinking about a routine something like this.

M/W/F split
M Dead/Pulling
W Bench/Pressing
F Squat/Legs

Each day essentially 4-5 power compound movements at 5x5.
M Dead/Power Cleans/BB Rows/BB Shrugs/etc.
W Flat BB Bench/Incline BB Bench/BB Military Press/etc.
F Back Squat/Front Squat/Hack Squat/etc.

Followed (in the same workout) by 4-6 "hypertrophy" exercises 3x12 or so at a higher tempo.
Cable/DB stuff in the same exercise veins as the power compounds.

After 4-5 weeks, deload, then start up again and change some of the exercises up a bit while staying within the template.

What do you guys think? Scrap it in favor of something already established? Too much volume? It's only 3 days and the rest is either rest/cardio so I think it may be doable. If I start cutting/feel like I'm overtraining I'll likely just cut some of the "hypertrophy" work to decrease volume. It IS a long workout each day, probably close to 2-2.5 hours by the time I'm showered and home the gym, but I like being in the gym when I get there, and I like walking out with nothing left in the tank. Thoughts?