My 1st show is June next year, and this lady who works at the Y where i train said she could help me w/the diet n training. So yesterday i ask her and she gives me this basic beginners workout that she basicially gives to all her clients (no offense middle-aged ladies). I was mad dissapointed cuz ima have to do this alone :'( I politely took it but i kept on w/the HTC routine.

I have 9 months left, and im wondering should i wait till 6 months out to change my program to work on my weak points (like me lateral delts, upper chest, hamstrings, etc.) or start now? Because as of now im cycling the exercises-like i replaced reg. bench w/incline, and underhand chins w/wide grip pull ups u know stuff like that.

-I put up some pics either this weekend or early next week.