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Thread: What just happened to me?

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    What just happened to me?

    So tonight I'm doing my typical saturday back workout which consists of deadlift's, row's, ect. I'm working up to a 4x5x225lbs on my deadlift by ramping up weight and doing 2 reps each. I'm on 185lbs, which is the second to last warm up set I do, and complete the 2 reps rather easy, just like normal. Immediately after, I go over to do a warm up set of barbell rows at 95lbs. I can only get 4 reps before I have to drop the weight because of a stinging pain in my right shoulder. At this point I'm confused because nothing felt bad during those 2 reps at 185. I went and tried to do a pull up and that hurt as well with the same type of pain. I grabbed 10-20lb dumbells and did all sorts of movements (frontal raises, lateral raises, press, ect) to see if that hurt and felt no pain at all. It didn't even hurt when I did db rows. Has anyone ever had anything like this happen to them? It's really bothering me because I couldn't complete my workout, I don't know what happened, and if it continues, how to fix it.

    Sorry for the length, I wanted to be as descriptive as possible.

    Age: 20
    BW: 165lbs
    Bench: 235
    Squat: ??
    Deadlift: ??

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    What do you mean by stinging pain? is there any loss of sensation? pins and needles? and where exactly does the pain start and where does it go to? does it just happen when you move or for a bit afterwards as well...?

    its good to be descriptive. Options could be like rotator cuff tear/strain, nerve impingement, delt strain/tear, could be something to do with the joint capsule or a tendonitis or something.....its probaly quite small becuase it only hurts during a couple of movements. Regardless of the 'diagnosis' the best bet is rest the movements that it hurts to do. You can still do a solid workout with the other stuff and give it a week or so and reassess. The problem with going to a doctor is that unless they are a sports specialist they will just tell you to rest for 3 months and realistically thats not an option .


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    possibly a pinched nerve

    if you feel good, mush onward imo

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