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Thread: NEW ARTICLE - Switch Things Up With Suspension Training

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    NEW ARTICLE - Switch Things Up With Suspension Training

    There’s nothing like ripping an intense amount of steel off the floor or grinding out several speed sets on the bench press, but every now and then, our brain and bodies are hungry for something just a little different.

    If there’s one way to maintain all your meat and increase fat loss, joint stability, and core strength while feeling brutally challenged and mentally stimulated at the same time, then this is it.

    Bring on Suspension Training!

    READ HERE - Switch Things Up With Suspension Training

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    Great article. I actually purchased a pair of crossfit rings a few months ago, and although I do not use them as much as I'd like, when I do use them, its a great change of pace. I'll do basic, suspended pushups, inverted rows, pull ups, and dips. Really is much tougher then it looks. Definitely going to try and incorporate them more.
    P.S. LOVE doing dips on them, focusing more on chest, with my feet in front of me, and chin tucked in.. very intense... if you've never tried it, you'd be surprised.

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    I have to echo the lifter above, suspension training has intrigued me since I first saw the TRX Suspension Trainer at the Arnold classic years ago but I have never had a chance to add it into my training. I plan to eventually set up a garage gym/training studio and will definitely have one there. This article was a great intro to it. Thanks for another good one, Mike!

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    i just got trx certified. good stuff. although expensive (~$200USD). There are alternatives that are much cheaper, rings are also great and easy to set up.

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