Hey all I'm Australian and new to WBB!

I am quite athletic and I highly value the longivity of my training; both in sport (netball/basketball/squash) and my all important gym sessions. I have in the past been through 'phases', which led me to pursue a more permanent goal, rather than short-term goal training (like beach abs etc)

Age: 20
Height: 5"8
Weight: 157 pound
Body Type: mesomorph
I do sport 3-4x a week and the same for weight training.

Protein shakes per workout day: 1-2
Protein shakes on off days: 0-2
BCAA's: After training and before bed when high level intensity workouts occur
Glutamine: Every time I have a shake
Creatine Loading: Only when I reach plateau's which are important to me.

Fish oil/Multivitamins when I feel necessary, but by no means all the time.

Mostly get in 5 meals (incl shakes) where possible.
Try to get in as many of those to be high in protein.

So yeah thats the basics, and I'll try to update my major increases and update when I can, depending on how much comments/motivation I have to continue writing on here.