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Thread: Thank you and some thoughts....

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    Thank you and some thoughts....

    I posted this on a thread where I posted one of my pics, so I'm sure not many people saw it, so I'm just saying it here to....

    I just wanted to say thank you to everybody on this message board. I first came here about 2.5 years ago and basically and you guys basically taught me how to train correctly. Since then I've put on about 65 pounds ( mostly/almost all muscle ) and I'm way stronger than I ever though I could be.

    I know I've butted heads with some people on here from time to time, but I'm sure some of that is just because communicating through text on a message board isn't anything like words person to person. I'm sorry for any misunderstandings, I really do value the knowledge here ( and I think it's obvious that I've listened as well as have useful information to share as well ).

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    Very cool. Glad you have had so much progress. Keep pluggin' away.

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    Keep on trucking.
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    Good work brother...! Keep on grinding man! The journey and struggle is just as important as the destination!


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    Thanks everybody. You better believe I'm going to keep plugging away, this is just the beginning ( I'm having lots of fun with the strongman training ).
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