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Thread: Push Day: sots press, push press 140kg (309lbs), bench 160kg (353lbs) and 170kg fail.

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    Push Day: sots press, push press 140kg (309lbs), bench 160kg (353lbs) and 170kg fail.

    Hey guys, did a push day the other day, first heavy one for 5 weeks (been away). Got some alrite lifts, was happy overall.

    I apoligise now for some of the filming, its all done on my iphone and when there is no one to hold the camera i balance it and iphones dont balance great (the 150kg bench is particularly bad). Also youtube have killed my background music....which i added, i should have just left the music from the gym there. Doesnt matter, this is my 2nd video of hopefully many to come so my filming and editing should improve but bear with it.

    You can view the full workout here on my blog

    Or i've posted the 3 videos seperately here for your benefit. (theres a bit more banter on the blog tho), anyway, onwards.

    Sots press warm up:


    Push press heavy1:


    Bench Press heavy 2:


    Well enjoy, i'll be training heavy deads today so i'll try and get that video up as well if it turns out ok.

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    How to down Olive Oil Video


    I thought bf% was big factor??? I was aiming high.

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