We all want to squat deep. It's been touted loud and clear over the last 4-5 years, that if you're a good weight lifter, you squat, and you squat deep! The only problem with that is for many, but not all trainees, squatting, or in fact any compound lower body movements have not been implemented at all in the early years of their training.

This for some, has created significant muscular imbalances that prevent many athletes from squatting correctly when first learning the movement. The ambition is there, but the dynamics of the movement are not. So here's a few training exercises to improve the strength, and technique of your squat as you pursue your quest of physical prowess.

1) Good Mornings

Good mornings will start aiding in strengthening or stiffening the lower back and creating a stronger posterior chain. This will help you when coming into the bottom portion of your squat, and as you develop better middle and lower back strength, will prevent you from having such a dramatic forward tilt at the low end of your squat.

2) Ab Wheel

Performing the ab wheel will help to develop the transverse abdominal region and basically the entire anterior core. Increasing strength in these departments will greatly aid in the support of a heavier load, and keep the chest from collapse at the bottom of the squat position.

3) Plate Squat

The goblet squat is a great dynamic squat to help open the hips and hip flexors, while learning to engage the abdomen at the bottom of the squat. This movement will help to keep the hips in the right position at the bottom and prevent the low back stressful curvature we so frequently see in overzealous deep squatters.

Swap your squat with these three movements for 4-6 weeks, and then come back to the squat. Depending on how hard you worked, you should be coming back with a better technical squat, and a higher ceiling for maximal effort.


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