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Thread: 5x5 routine

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    Originally posted by PowerManDL
    Unless it breaks down more tissue than can be repaired with the limited nutrients.
    I agree, in this case then it would not be maximizing hypertrophy.
    I like what belial metioned about lower sets, lower reps to maintain strength and use of maximum weight while still allowing for recovery under limited resources.

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    That's always been my philosophy.
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    I limited my reps to 5 the second time I tired cutting as opposed to 12 reps the first time. Incredible difference in maintaining muscle and actually gaining strength.

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    Thank you everyone for their suggestions. I appreciate that. I will go with the 5x5 and see how it goes. If results are favorable then I will keep it and if not then change it around or drop it completely and try a different routine. I'm confident this routine will give me the results I'm after. Here it is...

    A1:Incline Hammer Bench
    A2: Dec.Db Bench
    A2:BB curls

    Day2: OFF

    A2: Sumo Deadlift
    A1: Shoulder Press
    A2: Calf Raise

    Day4: OFF

    A1: Pullup
    A2: Shrug
    A1: Row
    A2: Reverse Curl

    Day6: OFF

    Day7: Start over!
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