I wanted you guys to check out this post because I found it very interesting. I found it over at testosterone.net and you can find the whole thing over there.

(This is a post over at http://www.t-mag.com/forum/train.html by Joel Marion.)
Question: What's the best way to look flat and soft when coming
off a cutting cycle?
Answer: Do Meltdown Training.

Question: What's the best way to look full, hard, and ripped when coming off a cutting cycle?

Answer: Do the classic 5x5 program.

Question: Why?


1. Anyway you look at it, the caloric and carbohyrate restrictions associated with cutting cycles don't go well with Meltdown training. Meltdown training is very glycogen demanding. When you are conducting a high repetition, lactid acid producing workout four times a week, you can bet your glycogen stores will become depleted rather quickly. Now, I realize that there are other ways that the body produces lactid acid, but they are secondary to glycogen utililization, and you better believe that glycogen stores will be the first thing to go. Bottom Line: You look and feel flat.

2. Meltdown training does nothing for muscle tone. Muscle tone is simply the resting tension of a given muscle, and can only be altered through heavy, high tension training. Bottom Line: You very well may burn a few extra calories during a meltdown session, but when you reach your body fat goals, you'll still be SOFT, not ripped and hard.

3. Meltdown does nothing to prime your system for new growth once hypertrophy training is resumed. Most individuals train with higher volume, higher reps (i.e. 8-12) for hypertrophy. Meltdown isn't much different. When you go back to bulking, not much has changed other than your diet. Bottom Line: High volume, high rep training won't be a shock to your system, and your muscles will likely respond in a mediocre fashion once hypertrophy training is resumed.

4. It is not likely that you will gain much strength from doing Meltdown.

Now let's look at the 5x5 program in the same way:

1. 5x5 is not very glycogen demanding. Bottom Line: Provided that you are taking in some carbs, 5x5 won't take away from your "full, round" look.

2. 5x5 puts greater tension on the working muscles by utilizing heavier weights. If you want to look ripped and hard, you have to train heavy. You can get incredibly lean, but you'll never look hard without increasing the resting tension of the various muscle groups (i.e. muscle tone). Bottom Line: 5x5, when accompanied by low levels of body fat, gives you the hard, ripped look that you are longing for.

3. 5x5 will prime your system for even greater gains once hypertrophy training is resumed. When you go back to the 8-12 range, it will be something completely new, and your muscles will respond beautifully. Not only that, but if you were previously doing hypertrophy work, then you will likely gain lean mass during your 5x5 cycle, because your muscles are not used to the low reps. Therefore, meltdown has no advantage even from a hypertrophy standpoint. Bottom line: 5x5 will help you gain lean mass during a cutting cycle and at the same time will prime your system for greater gains once hypertrophy training is resumed.

4. 5x5 is a classic powerlifting program and it will significantly increase your strength. It is obvious that if you can move more weight when you start bulking again, you will make greater gains than if you were moving the same weight, or less weight than you were on your last bulking cycle. Bottom Line: 5x5 will increase the poundage that you can lift, once again allowing you to make greater progress come your next bulking cycle.

Question: Why the hell are you doing Meltdown?

-Joel Marion