My right side Rhomboid muscles (middle and lower Trapezius ) very well defined ,built and bigger than the left side. Left side it is very week and I feel pain on my left side at Rhomboid area.
On the other hand my left Trap is slightly higher than right.
As my right Rhomboid is bigger and well built which causes an uneven alignment when I lay down and that unevenness has resulted uneven Abs muscles.
My Abs right muscles are higher towards chest than left Muscle. Upper muscle has app:2 cm difference and there is slight difference in middle and lower.
What should I do to make even my both Rhomboid muscles?
Once Rhomboid muscles gets even, will my abs muscle also get even. Should I continue working on my Abs or wait till my Rhomboid muscles gets even?
Please help me to even out my uneven muscles.
Please give your email to send my Pics if you wan to see.