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Thread: Standard 1" bar

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    Standard 1" bar

    I recently got a Rogue bar, which I like real well. I think its a fine piece of steel, its very pleasant to hold and use, and I plan to use it for a long time. At the same time, I have a lot of 1" standard plates, mostly York. For some lifts, these will work all right, for one thing I can have the standard weights at a poundage for say bent rows.

    I would like to find a 1" standard barbell. Are there any of these made in the US any more?

    I am going hunting on craigs list.

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    usually cheaper weight equipment comes with a standard bar so try sports authority or play it again sports.
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    On CL if you look for weight sets, you can find them, even listed as olympic bars, people don't know what they have usually.
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    Wile we're on the topic.... Does anyone know how much standard bars weight? I've heard people say from 15-25 pounds. Or does it just vary from bar to bar?

    Sorry to hijack the thread...
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