by Mike Scialabba

If your doing your foam rolling and your dynamic mobility, then I'm sure by now your pre-training warmup has turned from a 5 minute jog on a treadmill, to a much more efficient 10-15 minute full body mobility makeover.

Well there's one more piece to the warmup puzzle you may have been missing until now. It's called CNS activation and here's how you're gonna fire it up!

What is it?

The CNS, if you don't already know, is the Central Nervous System. It's comprised of the brain and spinal cord and is the absolute control unit of all aspects of your life. From your breathing, to your sleeping, to your talking, to your mating, without this puppy you are nothing!

Well that means it's always on right? Why Fire it Up?

Throughout your daily life, the CNS pretty much runs on auto-pilot. Imagine the outlet you've got your PC plugged into. That outlet, if you're in America, is running on 110 volts, just enough power to provide you with the electricity your machine needs to run and function properly.

Now what do you suppose would happen if you cranked the voltage up to 220? It's hard to say, but there would probably be some small explosions and a fire. Not cool? Oh yes, so cool!

You see, when it comes time to train, it comes time to kick the blow up doll out of the auto-pilot seat and take some control. It comes time to crank up the voltage from the generator (CNS) to the machine (Your muscles).

You're going to move from being a little ole laptop, to becoming a high performance Apple G5 Super Computer, get it?

How are you going to do this?

This is what you'll do. Depending upon your training routine, you'll want to choose your movements to cover most of your bases. For example, if you're on a full body split, choose 3 explosive movements; a lower body hip dominant explosive movement, an upper body explosive push, and an upper body explosive pull.

Here's a quick example of how to execute this within a full body routine. Obviously if you're using a body-part split routine, an upper lower, or push/pull, you'll only choose the movements you need.

10 minutes Full Body Foam Rolling

10 minutes Dynamic Joint Mobility and Muscle Activation

5 minutes CNS Activation 5 rounds:

1 Squat Jump x 3

2 Fall out push up x 4

3 Hang Clean or DB Snatch - 40%1RM/ Ramping 10% each round x 3

Don't' rush through these like it's a race. Take adequate breathing time after each round, and allow for some mild recovery, around 30 seconds setting up for your higher %1RM Hang Cleans or DB Snatches.

Once you've finished the rounds, your brain should be nicely fired up and ready to do some major communicating to the rest of your body!

Keep in mind, if you're not doing a full body routine, it's not necessary to complete a full body CNS Activation circuit. Choose one movement and roll through it, or couple two similar movements and explode through those, with short rep ranges to get the CNS turned on.

Now get your brain in it, not just your mind... Fire It Up!


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