I thought school gyms were generally decent (except for all the curl jockeys), but my school gym just took a plunge and are about as crappy as planet fitness now

All you iron pumpers out there, save yourselves a trip to the Student Recreation Center front desk to ask where the really heavy dumb bells are, because they’re gone.

No, the weights that weigh more than 85 pounds didn’t get lost. Nobody melted them down or used them for scrap metal. And, no, they’re not being used to make a giant dumb bell sculpture.

Nope, instead a group of students wrote and signed a petition saying that people using heavy weights were intimidating and created an atmosphere of elitism. Then, in a move of infinite wisdom and fairness (yes, that’s sarcasm), the Rec Center removed the weights and put them in storage.

When the Collegian called the Rec Center to confirm, the gym said it doesn’t want to support a culture of bodybuilding, which might be funny if it were a joke.
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