Wow, when did kids turn into such pussies? I have been noticing more and more of this lately. My 14 year-old stepdaughter is the typical high school girl. She has a new boyfriend every couple of weeks. Occasionally they will come by the house to pick her up or to hang out for a minute. Every single one of these kids....I could easily confuse them for a girl. These guys are all wearing eyeliner (at best), nail polish, the works. Hell, one of them a couple of weeks ago was coming over so they could "do each others' hair"! All of them look as if they've never done anything remotely athletic/physical in their lives. Then there's the deameanor. Won't look you in the eye, mumble when they makes me sick. Is this the way our kids are being raised nowadays? I asked her, are these the kind of men you really want to be around? I wouldn't even call them men, it would be an insult to actual men.

Anyways, kind of off topic, but we are turning out some kids who are complete pussies these days. I am not surprised by gyms with this Planet Fitness-like behavior.