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Couple things...

1) Every generation thinks the one ahead of it is getting worse and worse. We all have grandfathers and can attest to this (In MY day, you ate dinner with the family, not in front of the TV!!). That being said, I think the point of the coming generation is there are more extremes. For every sports league you have that doesnt keep score, you have another thats super hardcore and pumping out NFL atheletes from the time their 7 (well maybe its not 1-1, but you get my point).

2) So far I haven't heard any solutions to these sorts of problems, besides just finding a new gym. Despite how good it may make you feel, calling all of these people bitches or pussies, or running around slapping everyone high fives isn't going to allow you to lift at your school gym (for free, may I remind you). So here is my 2 cents. For one, not everyone lifts weights as a sport, and you cant blame them for being ignorant. Just as I play basketball for fun and recreation, some people just want to lift to look a little better or be a bit healthier.I'm sure they think I look like a wuss trying to throw up a layup (incorrectly I'm sure) or a total idiot when I try to dribble, just because in the end I don' really give a damn about basketball or really read about it. Its fun and its a social activity, my interest stops there. The gym is very simliar--most people DONT' want to lift weights, they just want to be healthy. Its hard to blame them to much for being ignorant. So obvious their going to be intimidated because not only are they ignorant, but you're putting complete newbies side by side to pros. When I step on the basketball court next to some guys who are pretty damn good, even I feel a little intimidated. I'm sure its even worse when the sport involves moving massive weights, slamming things around, yelling, etc. . At the end of the day I think these people are complete wussies just like the rest of you, I'm just trying to put things in perspective. Its hard to blame someone to much for trying to be healthy, even if they're doin it wrong.

So part of what I do is try to be nice to most of these people.. If the only interaction someone has with you is you slamming around weights, no **** they're going to be intimidated. Say hello, offer to spot, offer to give advice (nicely), etc. I'm real nice to everyone in the gym until its time to hit my set, and I basically just zone everyone out. By this point they're more impressed than intimidated, and I get to smash weights like I want.

I know some of you on the more dave tate side of things will say some **** like I DON'T GO TO THE GYM TO MAKE FRIENDS, I GO THERE TO SMF. Thats fine, but realize that having no regard for the people around you makes you antisoscial, and they will think you're an ******* for it.also the management won't like this either, which of course makes them complete pussies, but also realize that these pussies decide whether or not you get to lift weights there.at the end of the day the guy with a 2200 pound total pays just as much as the guy who dicks around ont he treadmill the whole time, so can you really blame them to much for giving the pussies priority? They're trying to keep customers and make money (really what they should be doing is de-pussyfing the gym crowd and teaching them how to lift, but thats a whole nother story). If this really isn't your style, you could talk with them about a time youc ould come when its OK to lift heavy like at in the morning or at night or something. Or just join another gym.
y so srs?
Technically, the school gym isn't free, its paid for by the student fees that are buried in the tuition. These generally can't be refunded for non-use (although Missouri State recently talked about doing optional fees for building a new center).

College is all about taking personal initiative. They wer eremoved because people complained through the right avenue in the right way (or they were "out of space"). You can try the same way by providing signatures, evidence of benefits, etc. If not, maybe they can open up another, more "advanced" weight room or allow students in the athletes room under certain conditions. If they were out of space, provide a suggestion as to less effective, larger machines that could be moved/removed and go that route.

Worst case ,as been stated, find somewhere else to train, maybe a garage gym/basement somewhere.