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Awesome rob. Conventional stance too. lol at gym in crocs.
None of these lifts I do with shoes. Deadlift, lunges, hack squat, romanians. All barefoot. I might as well bring sandals really. I figure bring in these crocs, kick em off, lift things, put em down.

Every other day (with the exception of front squat) I just wear my Nike Lunarelites and go to work. I wanna just convert to Chucks, but I like wearing them when I go out...might just invest in a gym pair.

Got a similar thing, but I need competition with others, that's when I excel, I HATE losing at anything and I still haven't replaced the awesome training partner before I left Canada.

Good job on the PRs man, I'm definitely keeping an eye on this journal.
Thanks! Yeah, as a former sprinter, I feel ya on that. Track is a very individual sport when it comes to your own personal bests, but when you put me side by side another person who is doing the same thing, I want to be alpha male. I get bitter when I lose and figure out ways to improve. That is one of the things I love about sport: you learn so much though overcoming adversity. One of the few cliches that I feel holds any kind of truth.

Competition can drive a man to the edge of the Earth, looking for solutions to one problem. People change in competition. That focus, the entering into another realm of existence, is quite astounding when you see it in others after being in such a position yourself.

It's quite remarkable.

Thanks for the support guys. Again, if anyone has any comments/ suggestions/ tips/ criticisms .....let me know I'm all ears.