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    WEEK 10

    Day 1

    Weight 180.3
    Warm-up: Broad Jumps, dynamic stretching, and foam rolling

    Deadlift (225x6 to warm up)
    • 365x6
    • 405x2
    • 385x6
    • 385x6
    • 365x6

    Bulgarian Lunge
    • 160x8
    • 160x8
    • 180x8
    • 180x8

    Romanian Deadlift
    • 225x8
    • 225x8
    • 225x8

    BB Hack Squat (increase next week)
    • 255x15
    • 255x15
    • 255x15

    Seated Calves 4x10 @ 135, 140, 140, 160

    • Kinda looking for opinions on my deadlift. I tried pulling my max again, and I got 2. Should I have got more? Just concerned about pulling it only twice. Oh well, basically increased every other lift today. Hack squats with rubber weights make you look like a beast.

    I did get into a debate with the stupid weight room attendant about deadlifting. I was apparently making too much noise when I finished my sets. I will touch n go like everybody else, but when it comes to the last rep, I don't give a damn after I lock out. He gave me some bro-fitness critique on how I need to control the weight down at the very end or my workout would have been pointless. After giving him a physiology lesson, he still said other wise. Damn FLEX magazine, you scary.

    Granted, I do that in between reps, but my last rep, I'll take it where I need to and put it aside. He then tried to tell me that the weight could roll away and hit someone...I laughed in his face and continued pulling. I didn't know our weight room at University was turning into a Planet Fitness. I then mentioned that fact that I was lifting on a lifting pad that sat on top of a bouncy mat flooring and he proceeded to say I could still damage the bar. I then gave him a physics lesson. Still adamant. He just couldn't handle me out pulling him by 200# I guess.

    /end rant

    Good day today. increasing my seated calf raises was a good idea. I feel like I could go harder on these. Hack squats always my fave at the end. My quads benefit so much from these.
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    Bench: 255 (9/30/13)
    Dead: 515 (9/2/13)
    Squat: 435 (9/26/13)
    Total: 1205 lbs.
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