I used to go the the gym 4 days a week, was getting into good shape after almost a year there.
I'm 6 foot on the button and I was sitting at a happy 180 pounds.
Then I got really sick, had all sorts of liver problems, and had basically no energy.
Its been 4 and a half months and I'm feeling better now, but I'm also now 205 pounds, and incredibly weak.
I have no idea where to start at this point. I know I can't lift anything close to where I was before, not to mention that I've got a good 30+ pounds of fat that managed to hitch a ride.

One area I'm not sure about is diet. I never really have had problems following a diet, but right now I'm a little concerned about making sure I eat very healthy, as I still have some recouvery left.
Any suggestions would be appreciated