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Thread: How much muscle?

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    How much muscle?

    Do I need to put on? I'm 19. I used to be 239 pounds at 5' 11". Now I'm approximately 160ish at 6'. I was even down to 150 for awhile. I should have quit doing soo much cardio back then, but I didn't and I gained weight back anyway because it made me hungry. I guess what I'm doing would burn about 1000 calories a day if my body wasn't used to it. Anyway, I weight trained during the fat loss. I gained at first, but then I lost, and I'm not going up on any of my lifts because of all the cardio even if I am eating a surplus (have to be if I gained weight). Anyway, I'm gonna cut way down on the cardio soon.

    Can anyone tell me approximately how many pounds of muscle I have to put on to use up the extra flab I have around my waist from being fat? And, being an endomorph, is it possible to get this muscle without getting chunky looking from fat gains? I really can't have that.

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    Muscles not going to use up your flab.
    If you're an endomorph you're chances are gaining any muscle whatsoever without fat gain are probably slim.
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    im so corn-fused.....u want less flab, but ur eating more? u have to be buring more calories than ur eating if u want to lose the maybe keep up the cardio, and cut some calories

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    I'm confused too...but I think he might be talking about loose skin around the mid-section. But it's confusing, so I may be way off mark.

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    yes, I'm talking about the skin.

    I called it flab because there is a little bit of fat attached to it. When I was 150, it truly was just skin. I was too skinny I guess. I was around 5% bodyfat.
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