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Thread: The Spartans Quest For IFBB Pro Card Journal

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    The Spartans Quest For IFBB Pro Card Journal

    In Sept 2011 i will be competing in the GNC IFBB North Americans and then in Oct 2011 at the NPC Nationals. I am in the hunt for my IFBB Pro Card.
    Below is my training schedule till the middle of November. Then I will switch up my days.

    My focuses for this program are
    Upper chest development
    overall arm development
    thickness in back
    increase in hamstring thickness

    5am - Back (heavy)
    2:45pm - Chest and Front Delts (heavy)

    5am - Bicep and Tricep (high reps 15's)
    2:45pm - Abs

    5am - Hamstrings (heavy) and Glutes (isolate glutes)
    2:45pm - Quads (heavy) and Glutes (glutes included)

    5am - Posterior Delts, Medial Delts, Traps and Neck
    2:45pm - Calves (heavy), Chest and Back (high reps 15's)

    5am - Bicep (heavy)
    2:45pm - Tricep (heavy)

    Cardio - and make up muscles

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    My Journal - The Spartans Quest For IFBB Pro Card Journal

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