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Thread: Who else makes reverse hyper machine?

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    Who else makes reverse hyper machine?

    Since being back in Michigan, I have not had access to a RH and I can really tell the difference. Right now, I cannot afford Louie's models. Is there another company who makes them? I remember another local gym that had gotten one from Seguin Fitness, but a search on that has not yielded any results. Does anyone know of any other makers?

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    There are some rip offs, but they don't work half as good as the real thing.

    Surely you can find a gym somewhere that isn't TOO far away and use theirs. I know there are some gyms with RH's in Michigan.
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    Josh McMillian prolly has one. Hes got a garage gym at his place somewhere up there in Michigan

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    How much are you looking to spend?

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    The Rouge Reverse hyper is badass and a lot cheaper than the original models. You can see it here
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    Just for the record, the reverse hyper design is patented. So if you want the real thing then I would search for one used or buy one from Westside.

    Seguin Fitness is defunct. The owner ripped a lot of people off and the company has been closed for a couple of years now.
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    The cheapest RH model from Westside is still night and day better than any knockoff. Haven't had access to one in 7 years lol still the only piece of equipment I wish I did have.
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    Here's a couple resources....
    (mods, if you don't want me linking to other forums, feel free to edit)
    Hip Extension machine :

    Home Made RH

    My Homemade one
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