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Thread: what happens if you dont use hip drive in squats?

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    what happens if you dont use hip drive in squats?

    I see a LOT of people...probably almost everyone that I have seen do squats...avoid using hip drive in their squats. This is what I always see people doing...

    No hip drive at all...and this looks more natural than the hip drive technique that rippetoe uses.

    What is wrong with doing squats like they do in that video?

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    Bodyweight squats and barbell squats are completely different due to the loading of the muscles and the change of center of gravity.

    The reason you use hip drive in a low bar back squat is to maximally recruit the posterior chain... IE the efficient use of the stretch reflex in the ham strings and power of the glutes.

    Many people struggle to correctly use hip drive because they lack the hamstring mobility (too tight) and erector spinae strength. When the hammies are too tight, combined with weak erectors, lower back rounding and loss of tension occurs, killing hip drive and ham string force production.
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