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Thread: Hacksquat Machine is your friend

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    Hacksquat Machine is your friend

    I posted earlier in the forums that I messed my S-I joint not listening to my body and going to failure too many times in the same week. I was introduced to this article:

    I have to say I won't be doing conventional squats any time soon. I did the hack squat for the first time yesterday and felt no twinges or pain in my lower back even though I'm still not completely healed from my S-I joint injury

    So I am enthralled about the hack squat right now, so much so I had to share !

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    I like the hack squatting machine too. For my assistance work, I will look for this machine first if I cannot do regular squats.

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    I get lower back soreness from any sort of squats, wether hack squat, front squat, conventional squat or what not! I just make sure to stretch like crazy after and actually foam role my lower back after. Takes care of a lot of stiffness and soreness! But I will NEVER stop doing free weight squats! Doing exercises where your body runs through its natural range of motion are the best! Dont get me wrong, hack are great! I love them as well, but if I had to chose, i would choose free weight squats!
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