It's unbelievable how much bs I hear at college about how "bad" creatine is for you or how "taking" protein shakes are bad. BS. I literally hear it every other day at school.

I was telling a friend of mine (not a serious lifter) about a student who looks a LOT smaller than he did last year. I then told him about how it looks like he's off cycle. He then says, "yea, once you stop taking protein shakes you shrink down." WTF?

I also get comments about how bad my protein intake is for me. I'm taking in 250-300g protein currently and usually have a few shakes a day along with plenty of milk and cottage cheese. All this crap about how my kidneys are going to give out because it has to clear all that protein. Some of this crap is just unbelievable.

Ugh. Sorry, I just get sick of this kind of talk