Hey all,

So, decided it was time to start keeping a more visible training log, as I try to take my lifting to the next level. I started off 7 years ago, training for h.s. football. Wound up making it to the CIS (canadian university football), however dozens of shoulder dislocations & separations and 8 diagnosed concussions over my highschool, summer league and college career wound up getting me an indefinite medical suspension, ending my career.

After a little over 18 months in powerlifting, ive amassed 12 CPF National records and 3 AWPC world junior records, and a best total of 886kgs, with a 341kg squat, 272.5kg bench press and a 272.5kg deadlift in the 125kg class at age 20.

This past summer, I decided to spend some time dropping weight, going from 295lbs (yes, im a dirty cheater and cut 20lbs to make weight) down to 265. I'm starting a Block Periodization program leading into next year's Nationals with the goal of pushing my total into the 2100's.

Tomorrow will be Week one of my first Accumulation phase. Today, I just did 2 rounds of Tabatas.

jumping jacks/ stepups

2min rest

crunches/ mountain climbers/ jumping jacks/ stepups