I could go into great detail about the previous plans I've tried to start and ultimately failed, but there's only so much room left on the Internet, and I think we all agree that the porn must flow. Let's skip all that.

I'd like to stop the constant false starts I've been having with my routines, and I hope (as I've hoped before) that this will be the last of that. Every time I head to the gym after not being there for several months, I leave wondering, "WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN HERE FOR SO GOD DAMN LONG" - as exercise tends to make me forget about being a fat snacking slob for a good hour or so.

After some research and ordering some new supplements (along with digging out some of the old ones), I've constructed the following routine for myself, based on the new HCT-12 program at the top of the page.

Supplements: Creatine, Nitrean, ECA stack for days when I'm feeling sluggish, Fish Oil. I'll soon be taking B-Alanine and HMB with the creatine. People have told me to avoid taking protein powder and just eat more food. I really like the taste of the Nitrean protein powder, and it's the only way I can justify having a chocolatey treat before and right after I work out. When I'm dieting I cut out junk food entirely. No chocolate, no fried chicken, pizza, ice cream, etc etc. I don't even drink alcohol. It's easier for me to cut all that **** out entirely instead of trying to justify the odd buffet run or two.

Diet: I used to be under 180lbs, and have now managed to get myself up to 220lbs. This is all fat I'm sure, considering I haven't been lifting weights on a regular basis for years. My current plan is to lose as much fat as possible while retaining my muscle mass, which will be done as follows:

Calories per day: 1800. My maintenance is 2500, believe it or not. I can gain weight like a pro; losing it and keeping it off... not so much. I eat very clean, and naturally enjoy healthy homecooked food. I tend to enjoy it a bit TOO much, and let my portions get out of control.

Macros: The only specific thing I'm focusing on is keeping my protein at 200+ grams per day, with my carbs and fat sharing roughly the same number of calories. My Fitday chart tends to be half protein, with a quarter fat and a quarter carbs.

Workout: I'm using the HCT-12 program set up as follows:

Workout A: Chin Ups, Hammer Rows, Bench Press, Military Press, Dips.
Workout B: Squats, Seated Calf Raise, Bicep Curls, Rack Pulls

Monday - A Tuesday - B Wednesday - Break Thursday - A Friday - B Sat, Sun - Break

The workout I used to do was a modified version of Built's BGB. When I say 'modified', I mean a watered down version of a skimmed down version. I figured, "Hey, I can work out my legs doing cardio! So I don't need a leg day!" This logic now has me in considerable pain, as I've been doing the HCT-12 program for a week now and the leg day has absolutely kicked my ass (literally. My glutes hurt). Also, doing 6x6 sets of squats when you've pretty much never done squats before is a hell of a cardio workout for a fat ass like myself.

My goal: I have no real idea of a weight goal for myself, I essentially just want to shed as much fat as possible while keeping as much lean mass on as I can. I'm thinking a goal of 185 for now, and I'll decide where to go from there. Once I hit slim territory, I'll start a slow and gradual bulk and see how much mass I can put on while doing that. Considering that's many, many months away, I'm going to try and forget about it for now. I'm just going to focus on not giving up this time.

I'm for a workout now - I'll post my numbers once I get back.