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Thread: halotest 25 with schizophrenia

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    halotest 25 with schizophrenia

    I'm kind of considering getting some prohormones because I reckon my test is low.
    I have schizophrenia and have attacked people in the past. I'm a bit worried that it might make me more aggressive? Or worsen my symptoms?

    Also I don't think my liver is very healthy due to years of hard drinking.

    I know it's probably a dumb question, but what do you guys reckon?

    Cheers for any responses.
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    Sounds like you know the answer already. Don't think I need to tell you that it's not a good decision.

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    Although claims of 'roid rage tend to be pretty overblown, given your medical history and the fact that your mental disorders have actually caused you to attack others, manipulating your hormone levels seems like a pretty horrible idea, not to mention the side effects of pro-hormones could cause other problems as well.

    If you are really concerned about low testosterone go and consult a doc.

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    To get a full answer, you will need to talk to both your psychiatrist and an endocrinologist, but this is after step one. Have you had any tests done to actually find out if your hormone levels are low? You can find out and get a liver panel from some blood tests.
    If you are taking meds for schizophrenia, side effects can mimic changes in hormones, but it doesn't necessarily mean your hormone levels are off. I would get the blood tests from a doctor before even thinking about asking about this.
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    Yeah I knew it would be ******ed. Guess it's all natural for me.
    I reckon I'll ask to get my test checked.
    Cheers for the responses guys.
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