Okay I'm going to start a 40/30/30 but I'm having a dilemma on how to setup my meals. The cals. wil be 2300 which will have 230 grams protein, 172 g carbs, and 77grams fat.

1.Something I definetly want to incorporate is an idea that I stole from Blood&Iron and that he stole from Lyle. Right before my workout I will have a small protein shake(cfm whey) and halfway through my workout I will have 50 grams of carbs(*malto). Immediately after my workout I wil have a serving of Surge which is 50 grams carbs(malto/dextrose) and 25 grams hydro-whey. So right there I have taken care of 100 grams of carbs. The next thing I thought was to have about 30 grams in the morning of carbs and then another 30 following my post-workout shake. Sound like a good idea?

2. I will have 9 meals total and they might look like this...
#1. 30g protein/30g carbs/ 12g fat
#2. 30g protein/12g fat
#3. 30g protein/12g fat
#4. 30g protein/12g fat
#5. 30g protein(right before workout)
#6. 50g carbs(during workout)
#7. 50g carbs/ 25g protein (post-workout)
#8. 30g protein/30g carbs/ 12g fat
#9. 30g protein/12g fat

How does that look? The reason why I structured it like that was because I want to place the carbs where they will be used most and have less chance of getting stored. Obviously by having 3 pro/fat meals stringed together I will burn fat no?

Anyways I could just evenly make all meals the same but I think this way might be better. You opinions are appreciated. Thanks.