I'm going to try my best to update this journal. It really helped me with my first one. I added good quality weight. That will be the attempt here again. I would have just kept adding to that journal, but it just feels better to start a new journal dedicated to a program I will be using. This, for me, is like another fresh start.

So, I was going to do a full body routine I came up with. It looked great on paper. However, after talking with Lyle McDonald and viewing many of his books/articles, I came to the conclusion that my program did more harm than bad.

The bad:

1. Lifting heavy 3x a week would eventually wear out my CNS and cause over training issues that way. I'd hit a wall.
2. Lifting heavy and 3x a week could potentially cause damage to tendons and ligaments since they do not recover as quickly as muscle tissue.
3. A full body routine would lack volume which would hinder my goal of hypertrophy.
4. According to Lyle, a muscle should be trained anywhere from 2x a week to once every 5 days.
5. My program lacked reps in the metabolic range to fully stimulate the muscle in the direction of hypertrophy.

So, clearly, my program had some pitfalls. Instead, I'll be using Lyle's generic bulking routine which is a lower/upper split. It goes as:

Squat: 3x6-8
SLDL 3x6-8
Leg press 2x10-12
leg curl 2x10-12
calf raise 3x6-8
seated calf 2x10-12

Benchpress: 3x6-8
Row 3x6-8
incline dumbell press 2x10-12
chinup 2x10-12
Cable pressdown 1x10-15
Barbell curl or cable curl 1x10-15

Thats basically it. On the second lower day, I can start with deads if I want. I'll see how that goes. I may just keep squats simply because I'm much weaker in them compared to any other movement.

This will be a bulk up. I'll be aiming for a 1 lb gain per week and no more.

I guess my body fat to be 12-13% but I'll be checking this. The spot I'll be figuring this off of is my lower abs.. simply because thats where I want to keep fat gain to a minimum. And it seems to be the best gauge.

So, as of now, I'd need to lose 11 lbs of fat to hit 7% bf. By bulking to 185, I'd be gaining 25 lbs (from 160). So, figuring what most people can gain in lbm each week, I'd be gaining 12 1/2 lbs of muscle and 12 1/2 lbs of fat.

So, at my new weight, I'd have to lose 23 1/2 lbs of fat to hit 7% bf. By bulking up to 185, I'd be at 15-17% bf. 17% will be too high.. but my bf may only be 11-12, rather than 13. I need to have it checked again. Regardless, if I feel I'm gaining too much as I approach 185, I'll simply stop short at maybe 175 or w/e. My goal is to not go over 15%. At this point, I'll be cutting off the fat and then starting again.

And thats all for now. This all starts this coming week!