Hey guys. I came across an unusual opportunity this week. The owner of the World gym I go to grabbed me on the way out this week and asked my advice on what new equipment to buy. The gym is set up like a typical commercial gym with Hammer Strength Equipment and a crappy rack along with the usual free weight equipment. The first 3 things that immediately pop in my head would be a quality squat rack, GHR, and a reverse hyper. Also a deadlift jack would be nice. Anything else you guys might suggest that could would be beneficial? Also, can anyone suggest good places to purchase the equipment? for the rack ill suggest either Elitefts or a Westside rack, but it might take some work to get him to purchase a reverse hyper since most people don't even know what it is or the benefits from it. The owner is one who really doesn't know much about strength training. He's in it moreso as an investment, so I need to convince him. Sorry for the long post. Thanks for any suggestions or advice.