Hi everyone.

I made a page with my diet and results from the beginning of the year at:

Since June, I have lost 13lbs and went from 15.5% bodyfat to what I think is 12% now. In addition, as you will also see from the pictures, I have lost quite a bit of muscle since June, and I noticed today that the weights that I lift have started to come down.

My problem is that I seem to have stalled with the weight loss and am stuck at 180lbs for over a month now. I have been trying to figure out what to do, whether to increase my calories, or go down even lower, but I feel like a chicken running with its head cut off at this point!

My pants size went down to 30 from 33. Even the 30s are getting too loose, but I have not been really seeing any change for quite a while now.

I am working out 6 days a week, 2 of them being 40 mins of cardio only, the rest with weights and 20-30 min cardio afterwards on the elliptical at 140hr. (I am 34). I also tried going back to the trainer that helped me with the last diet you see at the bottom of that page, but he is usually busy with others, so I am kind of on my own.

What would you recommend? I was trying to get down to 8-9% bodyfat, but with that kind of muscle loss, I am not sure if that would be enough, or if I even want to continue the cut.