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Thread: Understanding Suits and Shirts

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    Understanding Suits and Shirts

    Evening gents,

    Just a quick question, i appreciate that Shirts and Suits are by no means cheating, however I am just wondering is there a direct correlation between your Suit or Shirt lifts and your 'Raw' lifts?

    I have never met anyone that uses this method to train as of yet and I am struggling to understand how they work, physically or how to apply them to training, obviously it is a long way off for me if i ever get to that point but i am just curious, if anyone can satisfy my curiosity i would be very grateful.


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    I posted these quickly without realizing they may or may not answer your question... Wearing equipment for training might take some stress off of joints that you want to rest, or help you work with a lock out weakness, etc. I don't think there's a lot of value in a raw lifter spending much time w. equipment, but if you need it (or want it) it's there.

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    I've seen increases in my raw meet performance from training almost exclusively in equipment for the last 7-8 years. In what most would feel was my athletic prime in 1986 I competed with best meet results of 550 squat - 350 bench - 550 DL - Total 1450. I was 30 years old then. Last year at the APF Ga. I competed in the Raw Classic (with knee wraps as in 86), and went: 650 squat - 402 bench - 551 (missed a 600 3rd) - total 1603. This at 53 years old then. The difference, in my mind; is the body adapting to the overload of the training weight used in the gear. In the gym I've squated as much as 955 lbs. - bench 705 off the chest and up to 831 off of boards - deadlifted as much as 650 suited. Your raw strength can't help increase moving that kind of weight, suited or not. Note: I only came out of equipment 2 weeks out of that 2009 meet to know where I should open. Hope this helps.
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    I personally think there is a direct correlation between RAW and geared strength. As a geared lifter, I honestly have no desire to compete RAW anymore. That said, alot of my training is RAW until right before a meet, when I really start using equipment. When I'm strong in the gym RAW, I'm strong on the platform in the single ply gear i compete in. The difference is the technical expertise involved with using equipment (even single py stuff). You don't just put on a bench shirt or a squat suit and jump your weights up 50 or 100 lbs. You need to take the time to learn the equipment and work with it to get good at it.
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