First of all I want to say that I received my first tub of RESULTS since I last used it a year ago (went the no supplement route for awhile) and I forgot how much RESULTS positively effects a training session, I felt like a whole new person in there tonight. Here are my questions:

I noticed that after taking RESULTS I had more of an appetite after my post workout shake and was able to eat more than usual. A lot of the time after my post workout shake I have to wait a bit to eat, but tonight I felt like I had an appetite much sooner. Is this due to something in the RESULTS or simply a more intense training session leading to a larger appetite?

I am considering purchasing some Nitrean for the first time but need some reasons to switch from my current protein. I am currently using Phormula-1 protein and mix it with a large scoop of powdered gatorade for some extra carbs after my workout. I have used this protein for awhile and I feel like it has done a sufficient job for me. However, it is around the same price as Nitrean but contains half the servings. Thats almost enough for me to switch already, but I would like you to sell me on your product, lets hear what it has to offer and how it will compare to my current protein. I know this might be a lot to ask but I am pleased with the customer service with At Large Nutrition and already enjoy one of your products so I figured I might want to give another one a try.

Thanks in advance.