*Before you think this is a troll post I want you to know that it is not.

What is Toilet Training?

It is the art of practicing perfect squatting form while you are in the bathroom.

Why does this work?

  • Because of the size of a standard toilet bowl.

    Hopefully you do not put your back against the toilet seat. If you do then stop you nasty nasty hobbit.

    Your feet will be spaced apart properly.

    The toilet seat/bowl provides the proper degree of angle to which you should descend (90 degrees or slightly passed).

How do I do Toilet Training?

Great question! Let me explain:
Put on a pair of elastic/gym shorts
  • This will help you understand how far apart to hold your feet

Position yourself like are you are getting ready to sit down on the toilet.

Pull down the shorts are your ankles.

Adjust your feet like you would normally sit on the toilet.

Notice your positioning!

Due to the anatomy of the male body you will not sit down with your legs too close together

With your feet now in proper position assume the proper squat position by pushing your chest out (This will arch your back and you will fill your weight load transfer to the lower back).

Slowly lower yourself down to the toilet bowl and pay careful attention to the feeling of the movement.

Use this whenever you go to the bathroom! Repetition creates memory!