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    NEWSLETTER ARTICLE - Conditioning Made Easy

    Easy? Conditioning? Not a chance!

    Putting appropriate conditioning workouts together made easy! If you're conditioning is easy, then you're not conditioning. Remember the purpose of conditioning is to increase cardiovascular capacity, muscular endurance, and a stellar body. So even if your goals simply revolve around getting huge, you'll still reap great rewards of conditioning once or twice a week.

    How To Do It

    Take whatever training program you're doing now and make these changes. If your program only has a few auxiliaries, say 2 or 3, simply add 3 additional 'small' movements that target the appropriate regions and add them to the work load. These movements are especially helpful when using them to attack certain muscular weaknesses you may have.

    Now, take the largest movement in your workout for that day and make that the staple exercise, ie. Squat/ bench press/ dead-lift/ whatever. Load that with about 70% of your max and plan to work in sets of 8. Now take your auxiliary movements and set them up to be performed as a circuit. You'll be performing 12 reps of each of the auxiliaries.

    Perform your main movement for 8 reps and recover for 60 seconds. After your recovery time is up, tear through your auxiliary circuit without having any rest periods in between them. Perform 6 rounds, reversing the order of the auxiliaries every time through. You can also add one or two movements in the middle of your auxiliaries that will ramp up your cardio. Burpees and squat jumps are two great movements for this!

    Call this your 'Meat Head Aerobics' and shake it up a few times a week!


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